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Aniruddh Immaneni is a music composer for visual media who is based in Chicago and has been composing music for almost ten years. He is currently pursuing an MFA in Music Composition for the Screen at Columbia College Chicago, which has further honed his skills as a composer.


Aniruddh's journey in media composition began in the trailer music industry, where he had the privilege of having his work featured in advertising campaigns for productions such as Blade Runner 2049, Marvel's Moon Knight, and Dune. He started scoring for film, television, and games in 2018.


Aniruddh is truly passionate about storytelling through music and creating scores that are evocative, emotive, and edgy. His compositional style is unique and distinctive as he blends powerful synthesis techniques with lush orchestration to create bespoke hybrid scores.


In addition, he is an instrumentalist with over 15 years of experience playing the piano and multiple percussion instruments.


If you are looking to create an unforgettable audio experience for your next storytelling project, Aniruddh would be thrilled to help bring your vision to life. Interested individuals can head over to the contact page to get in touch with him, or email him at


Creative Process.

Phase I -

Gain a deep understanding of your project, its story, and characters.

Phase II -Construct a bespoke hybrid sonic palette unique to your project.

Phase III -Compose and produce themes and cues alongside a flexible collaborative process.

Phase IV -

Timely delivery of a professionally produced, mixed, and mastered score.

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